I'M FIRED? Butbutbut I'm the VISIONARY! I do all the, you know, VISION stuff!

Big Red Rock Eater

Programming, Security, Troubleshooting and Cat Wrangling

After some 40 years teaching sand to think, I'm retiring from the
business and going back to just having fun with computers again.

To the people that helped me along the way, my deepest thanks.

    Clayton, with whom I spent endless hours exploring code.

    Steven, who gave me a chance at the big time.

    Everybody at HCR, I never worked with people of such calibre before or since.

    Chris, who took a lost geek under his wing.

    Jim, who launched us into the wild blue.

    Roland, Scott, and the rest of the kids at VG.

    Denis, we didn't get rich but we had fun, eh?

    Al, who helped make programming lots of fun again.

    Michael, whose gut feeling saved me from programmer hell.

    Tom, the best programmer I know.

    And of course, Max.  I miss you every day, pal.